Why such emphasis on Christ and Jesus?


Lama Sing: The Christ Spirit is that infinite eternal essence that is the continuity of God’s intent, borne in each of His Children.

This is a facet of the Master’s intent, ever: that there never be in the Earth a conflict between one segment of His flock and another.

That Spirit which is the Christ can be found in the hearts, minds, and teachings of many, historically and in this very moment in the Earth. It is the intent, like the fruits of a good tree, that will tell you what is being taught and from whence―what well, you see―the waters of Truth are being drawn.

The Christ is a Principle. It is a spirit. It is the life; the Master has brought this Christ Consciousness into oneness with Himself and, thus, He has become the Christ. And is the Christ. See? Just so many stumble over this.

Do you think that the Master would not honor the Buddha or Krishna or any such? Sun Bear? See? We cannot give you all the names that the peoples have used to define Truth, and often they have defined Truth in the personage of the one who has brought it forth. There is righteousness in this. It is appropriate, and we honor it.

But the Master will be the first to tell you, it is the message that is important: It is the spirit of love and hope and truth, all these and greater – not the least of which, God’s grace – that are important. And so as a people may honor the messenger, perhaps this is well and good, for then they will hear the message which that entity bears. See?  -19980126 The Christ Spirit  Free


Is the Christ a state of being, a state of mind, a state of consciousness, an expression of God that is eternal and gives life, provides the way, offers the keys?  Yes, of course.  Is the Christ also the man called Jesus?  Of course this is true, as well. 

The Christ is also expressed in many different forms unto those who are willing to receive in that fashion or manner.  And according to such, thus so as they have asked it, thus it has been given. Does this diminish the Christ called Jesus, our Master, our Brother?  Of course not; it elevates all, inclusively the Master. For wheresoever the Christ Spirit is expressed, there so is He.  Difficult in some perspectives to comprehend, this we do understand.  But if you move into those realms beyond finite expression as thou know it, you can see this very clearly. 20020927 WM


There are many different expressions of the Christ; this Spirit is universal, not singular, not held within the walls of any chapel, church … but that all would see the goodness of God seeking to shine brightly from each teaching, each man or woman of wisdom.” –20081008  GGQ08

There are many additional references throughout the readings on this inspiring topic

I think it important to point out that the Lama Sing group has always spoken of various religious leaders and religions with honor, pointing to the “Christ Spirit” as being within us all as a potential. The readings state that Christ completely accepted His Oneness, the Christ Spirit, with Our Father from “the Beginning” and, thus, He is rightfully called the Master.

The Lama Sing group always says that they stand in oneness with the Master and His teachings. This is why the readings so often make reference to Jesus, plus the fact that Jesus is very often present during the readings; an opening prayer or blessing is almost always given by Him now in the readings, which is always a joyful, though humbling, honor for me.

The love and compassion that is so often pointed to as a hallmark of the Lama Sing readings is clearly flowing from from the Christ Spirit, which is always present in those works.