A Prayer – What Gifts We Bear


Lama Sing:

Beloved Father, what gift might we bear to Thee?
What is there that we might bring unto You
that would illustrate the depth and breadth of our love for You?
What prayer might we offer that You would hear
and know, in the hearing, that it is meant from the fullness of our being?
What song might we sing?
What creation might we build
that You would hear or look upon and see that, indeed,
Thy Children love Thee?

So shall it be, sweet Father,
that our gift shall be the presence of Your Peace within us
that, all throughout,
there shall be the presence of such in remembrance and honor of Your Word,
which goes before all. 

Thus, do we give life to that which is in darkness,
hope to that which is lost,
and peace to that which has not known same. 

To those who know not to ask, we shall shine Thy Light, Lord,
that they might see that there is that hope inspiring them
to seek to know themselves…
and to ask, that we might take their hand.