Posted May 15, ’16 – Understanding the Veils


Al: To build an understanding of the “Veils of Separateness” referred to by Lama Sing in the May 14 message titled “Not the Thinning of the Veils,” lets begin with the veil most familiar to us: the one surrounding our physical body.

We all have a primary energy field sometimes referred to as our aura. This is essentially a preserving “veil” of  energy that defends us from external energies not in harmony with our well-being. Its source is our life-force, and it is physically sustained by diet and exercise, in the non-material or etheric sense, by our emotions.

When like-minded individuals gather into groups, the resulting group energies form a secondary veil of unique energies, which in turn preserves the group’s uniqueness.

When individuals and groups move beyond the physical by the process called death, some may hold on to previous thought energies, rather than choosing freedom.  As might be expected some of these individuals gravitate to others of like-energy choices and form into groups or “lessor realms” of thinking in the beyond.

The group intent is preserved by right of “free will choice.” This preserving energy appears and functions as a veil preserving the rights of those within it to sustain their choice.

As group upon group has formed in the beyond, each with it’s individual veil of preservation and the number of groups have increased, a larger more defined Veil of God’s Loving Neutrality now surrounds these multiple groups of individuals (souls). Their collective intentions fall within a range of Consciousness or energy frequencies, which defines that Major Realm.

I hope I haven’t lost you yet.

As the energies flowing into our current time continue to rise, preceding the entry of The Promise, those who are seeking to awaken to higher Consciousness are having their intent strengthened hour by hour, day by day. This has resulted in the attainment of Higher Consciousness that equals or exceeds the frequencies of the Veils surrounding some of the non-finite realms in the beyond. As these seekers continue to open themselves by way of this higher Consciousness, it is becoming possible for them to move through the veils of separateness.

The reason it is said that the veils are not thinning is because they are the flow of God’s Loving Neutrality, which is unending and unwavering.