The Return


Lama Sing:

Peace in the terminology in the realm called Earth probably has a meaning, generally speaking, as the absence of all things. In other words, there are no thoughts, there are no sounds, there are no distractions; there is nothing by the beauty of the Silence. Peace as it is known here is the presences of everything.

When one enters into Peace at spiritual levels, they are filled with the Knowing of all that is, for the Peace that we have spoken of here is that which our Brother, the Master, has offered to you as a gift. Peace is one and the same as the Spirit of God, oft referred to as the Holy Spirit by those who refer to the Trinity of God.

So, when you seek to find Peace, you will first find Silence as this is defined (generally speaking) in the Earth. And then, you will find yourself, if you dwell in the Silence sufficiently and allow yourself the freedom to move, there will be the Knowing of Peace. And the Holy Spirit will envelop you and lift you up higher and higher in terms of approximity of Oneness with God.

T2-11 20171217

The journey in life, if it is believed to be all that is … well, then, in the moment of the departure from such a lifetime of belief, many of these souls move off through the process of death into what is called a spiritual sleepThey move into this sleep because they have not opened themselves to believe that there is a continuity of their Uniqueness beyond the veil of death.

But they dream. And in their dreams, we can visit with them, just as we can visit with you, each of you, in your dreams and, eventually, when they stir a bit and perhaps open one eye just a bit to peek, they’ll see someone very beautiful smiling and gesturing to them. And, of course, they are going to open up completely, for what in the world is that before me? And that begins the realization that their life continues.

T2-10 20171215

In the moment of God’s joy in creating the Uniqueness of you, you were not a physical form but you were the thought of God and, as such, could be called an energy. This is an energy that is eternal, for it is of God and flows from God eternally. Wheresoever you might be dwelling in the present, whether in finite form or elsewhere, that energy is constantly yours.

In some entities, the Love of god that creates the Light within their being — their existence, if you will — has been occluded by thoughts and accusations, by guilts and doubts, and so much more. And where did this begin? Well, at the onset prior to entry into the Earth, there was the clear counsel given to each who have entered into the Earth in a physical form that there would be those traditional energies that are a part of the life in Earth; and that these would be, in a manner, cast at us, would be surrounding us. Whether or not we accepted them and allowed them to become a part of our personal energy is a matter of our choice, and we were free to make these choices.

So, through the course of a journey of a lifetime in Earth it is possible that many such energies that are not native to you might have become a part of the external (we will call it) periphery of energy that surrounds you. When these occurred, they can after a time, if they are not seen for what they are — something external from self — they find their way into the orb of energy that is preserving you, keeping you as a Child of God from the very Beginning and preserving your Uniqueness. Nothing can destroy the presence of God within you. Nothing can take from you your Uniqueness, but It can be clouded over in the journey called life in Earth. And the energies around you can be impacted by external intentions on the part of others or mass-mind thought. It is such as these that can stick to the energies around an entity.

So it is important  to daily — as we have recommended — realize each new day as an opportunity for you to express your Uniqueness. First, to realize within through prayer and meditation and, thereafter, to let it flow from you from within, from the Source of God within you, and that Source remains from the very Beginning to the present. It is unending, unbroken. It can be ignored, it can be veiled, it can be made such that it is diminutive within you, but never lost, never destroyed … always, always present.

So, look for the beauty within you that is called Life Itself for that is God’s breath of Life constantly giving to you … His Love and his Peace. See?

T2-09 20171214

The Darkness is not empowered externally; it is empowered through habit, through judgment, through fear; through those things which one would not wish to have directed at them personally. And, yet, so many contribute and nourish the Darkness by holding such thoughts. Free yourselves from that, and claim the Peace and Joy that is the Christ Light within you, and you will feel the Promise of Freedom that is near upon you.

20171213 T2-08

Move a few steps beyond the finite to realize the purity and the celebratory Love that is constantly being offered to you.

The beauty of the prayers and groups who are holding the Light in the Earth are making a beautiful difference.

We find a great warmth of Love flowing from Our Father as an affirmation to all of us. You in the finite realms, you in the infinite realms, and you in all other dimensions, and such: feel it. This is flowing to awaken the Christ within. If you accept it, you have the right to walk with Him. And should He call you, you may rise up in the glory of so doing.

T2-08 20171213

The waves of loving Light and peaceful Neutrality that are the hallmark of the Christ continue their crescendo, and the paths are opening (thanks to the manyfold good works of so many of you in the Earth) all about.

It is very difficult for some to understand Who and What you are and what you are doing, and what you are celebrating, and yet, continue on.  For when the Veil parts, Truth will enter and be known as an offering to all. 

T2-07 20171212

A myriad of brothers and sisters who have recently come here are so filled with jubilation, they wish to pour it back. How better than these to serve those who are left behind? For the line of light that connected them to the Earth is still present in many cases. And as they fill it with their ecstasy, their joy, their jubilation, their line of light joins the others’. And as the light of the Christ is woven together with these choices of His brothers and sisters, the way is being made passable!

Hold to this, dear friends. Hold it dear to your heart and mind. We are so jubilant at what lies ahead for you!

T2-06 20171202

You are not just a journeyer who has come upon a physical form, moved into it, and is experiencing for no reason. You, all of you, have chosen it knowing the challenges, knowing the opportunities, knowing all of it far better than it is known in the Earth. For you have known it from On High, and you accepted those challenges and moved into the finite, releasing, in the knowing that, as you journeyed, no matter what the challenge that would come to you, the Truth burns brightly within you as the very Life Force of God. As you claim that Light, His Life Force shineth from you, and wherever mass-mind is seeking to color with illusion, the Light of your Truth, all of you, will shine upon that intent and reveal it to be just What it is.

T2-05 20171117

Each of you has within you the power to energize connections between yourselves and others. Dwell on that for a moment. And when you might have a bit of angst, a bit of comeuppance, with one or another individual for various justifiable reasons (in your own consciousness, and perhaps righteously in the Earth), find that line of light between you and send forgiveness and God’s grace, and you will feel it flow back to you eventually. Send love and peace, as well. But first there must come the ability to release it, and that comes with forgiveness and grace.

T2-05 20171117

We have made reference to the lines of energy that form the fabric of an experience in finiteness. Each of these has a unique energy pattern. One of these is the portal of departure from the Earth, which is titled therein death.  … It is the line of energy that is associated with the freeing of the Spirit from the body.

T2-05 20171117

The Kingdom of God is within you. When you are in the Sacred Silence, the Kingdom is opened to you; you have but to choose it. Having once chosen it, you shall thereafter, while in that walk in your current journey, have the power of it, lovingly and gently, that you can carry before you as a gift to all whom you meet.

T2-04 20171113

The Waves of Light [see Glossary] preceding the Promise are at a very high level of impact (we might call it) to the realms of finiteness. This could be seen by forces in the shadows as something less than the beautiful gift that it is intended to be. For the Waves of Light are as the breath of the Christ: sending out prayer after prayer, love upon love, forgiveness, grace, all those things that you know will invoke the goodness that is within each heart to come forward and be known.

T2-04 20171113

It has been discussed that perhaps there would be value in having certain focal points that are shared by all in your group and perhaps even beyond it, and we should think this to be good for all of you who would participate and good for those who will view the energy of your unified intent. The first order of our offering here would be the words: I Am. And as you speak those words aloud or in heart and mind, remember: I Am (God’s daughter); I Am (God’s son); I Am (eternal). See? In this manner. But the words I Am come first (and the others are held in the heart and mind).

Reiterating here: Speak aloud softly or at volume if the environment permits, I Am. And you will feel the immediate residence of those in God’s service sending you the power of those words, and you will feel that resonate within as the presence of God within you affirms with joy that you are His. Again, I Am.

T2-04 20171113

[It has been told] to you of the Waves of Light [see Glossary] that are preceding the return of the Promise, the Promise that Jesus (Yeshua, if you prefer) made some time ago. Many of you were there. Some of you stood as you watched His last hours in body slip away until the heavens opened and received Him. And yet, you endured, and you remembered His words and His teachings, and you carried them forward, embracing them deep within your soul. Now is the time for you to bring those forth and live them, for He is nigh to you.

T2-03 20171103

There are shifting energies that are taking place all about the realms of consciousness that have definition. These shifting energies are the result of Father’s Love and Light that are flowing throughout all of Consciousness as an offering, that these who are willing and who claim Him as their own might rise up according to their choices and their intent.

T2-03 20171103

Do you ever feel an emptiness?
Are there ever those moments wherein your journey through your current existence seems to lack purpose?
Or your vision seems to be absent or clouded?
If so, you are not meditating often enough.

Prayer and meditation make the way passable not only in Spirit, and from Earth to Spirit, but in your daily life. If you celebrate with a joyful prayer and a meditation to move into the Silence, you will find yourself at peace. And that peace will follow you back into your finite form. Then, it will go before you, and all that you see and do will be blessed by the Peace of God, which is as to say, He will give His Love and life-energy to all who are willing to receive it.

T2-02 20171023

We come to a very important point, once again: If you cling to that which disturbs you, you will continue to be disturbed. That simple. See? Who has the power here … you, or the forces that are outside of you; whose mind is it … yours, or the mass-consciousness of Earth? Whose heart beats within you and whose loving, life-giving energy flowing from God is helping that heart to beat? Yours. You. All of this is under your control. But if you do not exercise your Awareness, your Knowing of the Love of God within you, and the Peace that He is constantly offering you, then the outside world and the other effects of mass-mind and influences and habits and traditions and so forth will all try to work their way into your being because they want to expand, they want to dominate. But, in truth, they know they are merely the collection of thoughts that have been idle … without intent and without love. But even within the worst of these is our Father’s Love.

T2-02 20171023

Each soul, each Child of God, will come before the Altar of Truth and place upon that altar who they are. And as they look at this, with God observing, as well, they will feel the Love that transcends all that they have placed there and bring forth the beauty of the Gift He hath given them to carry. Remember that you each have such a Gift within you.

T2-01  20170901

You are in a time of great change. Our brothers and sisters some Earth years back told you to anticipate the changes when you saw dramatic changes in the weather. You are seeing those dramatic changes now. The Change is here. What can you do? You can go back into a corner and hope that all is well. Or you can step forward full on and hold the thought within you of goodness and send all of these good thoughts forward, that any changes that come seeking to dominate will be met with goodness, with the blessings of God flowing from within you. Remember this. The opposition (as it has been often called) is a part of the dreaming. Are you ready to awaken? 

T2-01  20170901

Here is that hour that is time for you to celebrate, a celebration not of something lost, but a celebration of something wondrous to be gained. It is that time wherein you shall Know yourself to be Who You Are. You shall come to that passing of (we shall call it) Light that is the true life given by God. And in that Light you will know yourself and your brethren to be One.

There are some among you who hear the Call, and these are those who will hear the great horns and will turn and look, and will know it is He who has come to bring them Home. To bring them Home means to bring them to their rightful Heritage; not to a dwelling, a building, a temple, any such as this, but to your rightful Heritage.  More …

We cannot say to you, this one over here shall dwell in this realm, and this one over there shall dwell in that realm. For even to the last moment of the decision shall they be free to change their minds. See?

ZS-29 20170528

Celebrate, dear friends. Celebrate as you have never celebrated before in this lifetime, for He is returning now! Is it this hour? This day? This week? This month? This we cannot say. But we can say it is now in the sense of your current time, more broadly than specifically, for we know the result of doing the opposite. So we say to you, again: now is the hour for you to choose and to recognize what it is that you are choosing, and who you will walk with after you choose.

ZS-25 20170411

You are the vessel in which your Spirit resides. Beside you is God, and the Light and Love that flows all throughout is the same as that within Jesus, the Christ. And therefore, as Peter realized this, you will all realize this in those moments as the word comes to the Earth: He is arisen, He is returned.

And you will hear the celebration, the great sounds of the great horns, and the great music (as it is called) that is the combined structure of all the souls in the Kingdom of God. You heard us say the Kingdom of God, and that has a certain connotation in your language. But here, the Kingdom of God is all that is.  More … 

ZS-24 20170402

The movement, then, will be into a state of separateness. Not to imply that anything is separate from the Oneness of God, for all things are of God and God is within all that is. But, on the basis of the questions of others, there will be a separation, and there will be a movement of a level of consciousness that will carry those who choose the Promise to a new realm of expression that is similar to much of what you have discussed over the past Earth years: a realm wherein no one is bound to another; that each has the right of choice; and that all of the expressions therein have the fullness of Freedom to be as they are intended to be by the Word of God.

So, you would have a realm (let us call it that, if you will) wherein many souls have (quote) “graduated” (end quote) (with some tongue and cheek, here) because they have set themselves Free from that which they have been dependent upon for many, many lifetimes. More …

A New World ZS-16 20161210

Upon His entry, there will be a call. Those who are seeking, those who are choosing, will be called unto Him, and they will walk beside Him as colleagues, as brother and sister … as one. 

Thereafter, will be that intent to prepare the way and make it passable for those souls who are awakening, those who have found forgiveness and hope and grace.

These, then, when the time is aright, will enter and become those who bear the Promise unto the Thousand Years of Peace.

Personal Work Reading 20071219

Seven great Waves of Light did He put before the world … the steps for them to return to oneness with God.

Thus will come that time when the gates will open and the paths will be made aright. He will stand before them with gladness in His heart. And He shall call them. 

And He Shall Call Them  20070302

A note from Al:

Years ago a number who were closely following this work suspected I had been John the Baptist. I would hear none of that. Knowing the Baptist’s lineage, past and future, it was inconceivable to me that I could be that one. But memories began to come back to me of that lifetime as the Forerunner. In 2000, Lama Sing confirmed this and, since then, has repeatedly referred to it in various contexts. Also since then, Christ has asked me to tell others of His coming. This was His first request, January 1, 2000:

Tell them I come. Do it, again.  I am with you.  This time, we shall not be separate. This is one Work. We can fulfill the promise. Will you help me?”

I have several times passed along His message since I was asked, as well as placed great emphasis in the readings and in my life on The Promise and these prophesied times. So why am I now, before all, announcing my lineage? Because I am on the Earth again at the time of His return. According to Lama Sing, “this is the hour,” and I wish to humbly honor Him to the best of my ability in a way intended to garner the attention that the message deserves. Prepare yourselves. He Comes.

With profound blessings,
Al Miner