The Return


A note from Al: Years ago a number who were closely following this work suspected I had been John the Baptist. I would hear none of that. Knowing the Baptist’s lineage, past and future, it was inconceivable to me that I could be that one. But memories began to come back to me of that lifetime as the Forerunner. In 2000, Lama Sing confirmed this and, since then, has repeatedly referred to it in various contexts. Also since then, Christ has asked me to tell others of His coming. This was His first request, January 1, 2000:

Tell them I come. Do it, again.  I am with you.  This time, we shall not be separate. This is one Work. We can fulfill the promise. Will you help me?”

I have several times passed along His message since I was asked, as well as placed great emphasis in the readings and in my life on The Promise and these prophesied times. So why am I now, before all, announcing my lineage? Because I am on the Earth again at the time of His return. According to Lama Sing, “this is the hour,” and I wish to humbly honor Him to the best of my ability in a way intended to garner the attention that the message deserves. Prepare yourselves. He Comes.

With profound blessings, Al Miner

Lama Sing:

Here is that hour that is time for you to celebrate, a celebration not of something lost, but a celebration of something wondrous to be gained. It is that time wherein you shall Know yourself to be Who You Are. You shall come to that passing of (we shall call it) Light that is the true life given by God. And in that Light you will know yourself and your brethren to be One.

There are some among you who hear the Call, and these are those who will hear the great horns and will turn and look, and will know it is He who has come to bring them Home. To bring them Home means to bring them to their rightful Heritage; not to a dwelling, a building, a temple, any such as this, but to your rightful Heritage.  More …

We cannot say to you, this one over here shall dwell in this realm, and this one over there shall dwell in that realm. For even to the last moment of the decision shall they be free to change their minds. See?

ZS-29 20170528


Celebrate, dear friends. Celebrate as you have never celebrated before in this lifetime, for He is returning now! Is it this hour? This day? This week? This month? This we cannot say. But we can say it is now in the sense of your current time, more broadly than specifically, for we know the result of doing the opposite. So we say to you, again: now is the hour for you to choose and to recognize what it is that you are choosing, and who you will walk with after you choose.

ZS-25 20170411


You are the vessel in which your Spirit resides. Beside you is God, and the Light and Love that flows all throughout is the same as that within Jesus, the Christ. And therefore, as Peter realized this, you will all realize this in those moments as the word comes to the Earth: He is arisen, He is returned.

And you will hear the celebration, the great sounds of the great horns, and the great music (as it is called) that is the combined structure of all the souls in the Kingdom of God. You heard us say the Kingdom of God, and that has a certain connotation in your language. But here, the Kingdom of God is all that is.  More … 

ZS-24 20170402


The movement, then, will be into a state of separateness. Not to imply that anything is separate from the Oneness of God, for all things are of God and God is within all that is. But, on the basis of the questions of others, there will be a separation, and there will be a movement of a level of consciousness that will carry those who choose the Promise to a new realm of expression that is similar to much of what you have discussed over the past Earth years: a realm wherein no one is bound to another; that each has the right of choice; and that all of the expressions therein have the fullness of Freedom to be as they are intended to be by the Word of God.

So, you would have a realm (let us call it that, if you will) wherein many souls have (quote) “graduated” (end quote) (with some tongue and cheek, here) because they have set themselves Free from that which they have been dependent upon for many, many lifetimes. More …

A New World ZS-16 20161210


Upon His entry, there will be a call. Those who are seeking, those who are choosing, will be called unto Him, and they will walk beside Him as colleagues, as brother and sister … as one. 

Thereafter, will be that intent to prepare the way and make it passable for those souls who are awakening, those who have found forgiveness and hope and grace.

These, then, when the time is aright, will enter and become those who bear the Promise unto the Thousand Years of Peace.

Personal Work Reading 20071219


Seven great Waves of Light did He put before the world … the steps for them to return to oneness with God.

Thus will come that time when the gates will open and the paths will be made aright. He will stand before them with gladness in His heart. And He shall call them. 

And He Shall Call Them  20070302




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