Posted Jan 25, ’14 – Remembering Peter


Al:  The year was 1990. I had already served as the channel for the Lama Sing readings for 17 years, so, I was quite familiar and comfortable with the process of “going out” to do a reading.

On this particular night I was intending to seek a research reading. I had already left my physical body and physical consciousness behind, and I had made contact with Lama Sing and the group, after which, normally, I would take off to have my own personal experience while the reading was being given.

Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled to… what I thought was, back towards the Earth. I couldn’t understand what was happening! My movement with the group was faster and faster and, suddenly, we were in a beautiful blue sky and burst through a cloud bank and, below me, I saw a green expanse of manicured lawn. Then, I saw a multi-storied old brick building. It was well-maintained and, as we were racing towards it… It was startling! Then, we soared through the brick wall with perfect ease and into the hallway of the hospital.

I could see a nurses’ station ahead of us as we were moving down the hallway and, then, as we rounded a corner, I was really startled to see a nurse’s hat! And it was so real for me that I remember to this day two dark blue bands around the hat. Why I remember that detail, I’m not sure but, when we moved a little further, I could see the head of a nurse — a real person, a real physical person! Mind you, I was in the middle of a reading, and there she was! Her head was bowed, she had glasses on, she was looking down at some paperwork.

The next thing I knew, we were in front of an intensive care room. The wall that we were facing was mostly glass and I could see, inside the room, a man sort of hunched over in a chair next to the bed. He had one of those Jewish caps on and a prayer shawl over an old, well-worn cardigan sweater.

Again, we moved into the room with perfect ease. There was a man lying in the bed. And this was the very first time I saw the man called Peter. It chokes me up to talk about it because he became a very dear friend.

We paused for a moment and I glanced around the room and I saw two luminous beings standing over to the side, and they gestured warmly to me. Wow! I realized that they could see me! No one else had paid any attention to the fact that we were in the room, but they did and, somehow, it was a reassuring warmth to have that happen.

I had no idea what was going on or how it was possible for me to have been brought back to the Earth there in front of a man who was in the process of leaving his physical body — dying, if you will, which I know isn’t completely true anymore. And, sitting beside him, was his dear friend, who I later learned was called Abe. All of this was potentially very startling or unsettling to me, but I managed to sustain my neutrality because I knew that, if I didn’t, I might likely end the reading. So, I simply observed.


I chose this experience to share with you as my first column because it’s had such a dramatic change for me in the readings, themselves. Never before had I such an experience during the course of a reading. I was always off somewhere learning something or studying something or just being. But, in hindsight, I can see how valuable this experience this was and how it made my current journeys possible to awaken full Consciousness while yet in my present finite experience.