Videoed Readings with Public Q&As


Some prefer to just close their eyes and listen, being swept into the “Space” beyond from which these readings are given.

Some prefer to simply watch, as though they are in the room along with Al as he leaves and Lama Sing enters to use Al’s voice.

Some prefer to have the transcript in order to read along for their better understanding.
The transcript is available directly under the video. It can be downloaded by clicking the arrow at the upper right.

We would urge you to read the brief Notes for insights into these readings and to have the Glossary on hand, which can also be downloaded. (The Glossary is added to and amended frequently, so we would recommend downloading a new copy often.)

[Note: This first video was a live reading. It was our intent to continue these but there are too many extenuating circumstances that  preclude a definitive schedule. From here forward, we will offer a weekly videoed Q&A without the live component.]

January 25 – The Beginning 

20180125-T2-20 The Beginning (transcript)

How did we get to this point in history? Why does it seem like I don’t have this “Free Will Choice” in my life? What is this “Promise” or “Second Coming” people are talking about? Why do we have to die?