This page serves a dual purpose:
– There are excerpts for each reading that can be browsed by category, which we hope are interesting if not inspiring and are searchable by topic
– Readings can be purchased for a nominal fee that helps us maintain this website. This list includes compilations of excerpts on given topics and entire projects participated in by groups.

  • Note: We wish to thank those who heard about the fire in 2001 that destroyed nearly all the personal readings (approx 8000) who have sent us copies of their reading/s. The Lama Sing library continues to grow as a result.


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Miscellaneous Readings Category   Miscellaneous


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Christ, Jesus, Bible Category   Bible

In addition to the readings listed here under this category are 34 readings found in the two Jesus Books. Additionally, there are the four Expectant Ones Books totaling 44 readings that tell in beautiful detail how the Essene community prepared for decades for the birth and the childhood, and the “lost years” and the ministry, of the man called Jesus.