Posted Sep 19, ’16 – What about competition?

Thank you so much for starting this new [“SELAH”] project…what a wonderful gift! I have been puzzled by the issue of competition. It seems to be good to strive to develop yourself, but in that development, you will end up being or doing better than someone else and that can cause hard feelings. What is the best attitude toward competition, being better than someone at some- thing, striving to be your best and how to think/feel in the situation when someone else is trying to be better (or have more) than you. It seems these days that there is so much competition all over the world. What is a good attitude to have about this when you encounter it? Thank you!

Lama Sing: Very well. A moment, please…

Considerable has been given in regard to this particular topic [1]. Nonetheless, it is worthy of these comments and we thank you for your question.

If you are awake in the spiritual sense, you will experience the glory of accomplishment of a brother or sister. And if you can find that pathway that leads you to Oneness with Fa- ther and all that is, you will realize from this that there is no limit to the potential; that that which is called competition has no real meaning in the sense of this is a challenge and there are certain limitations that are to be struggled against. For in the Truth of your Oneness with God, all things are offered to you.

It is the choice of journeying into definition (for varying reasons) that brings you into the arena (as it might be called) of competition. Competition is the realization that you are greater than what you are accepting in the present. When you see someone who is striv- ing to accomplish that which they see as a greater potential for themselves, the attitude should be to support and encourage that one. See?

 [1] Considerable has been given on “Competition” – Throughout the 4+ decades of readings there has been much given on this, but there is also a specific reading by this title available via the Lama Sing website. Competition