Posted Sep 19, ’16 – Selah 03: Huge Numbers Being Lifted Up


Al: For all practical purposes this started off as a “normal reading”. I had reached what has become an endearing level of Consciousness we call the Homeland.  (I don’t want to explain all these names and terms here; they’re in the Selah readings and the Glossary on the website). I felt my spirit moving easily into oneness with the beautiful expressions here of Father’s Word.

Suddenly from somewhere “far off” from where I was, beautiful energies, entities of Light, came shooting past where I was. There were so many of them, and they kept coming and coming. In my consciousness I “picked up” on the direction they were headed, and that’s when I saw my Line of Light connecting me and my “friend” in the Earth (my body). “He” was stretched out on the bed and Susan and Lunita were nearby. My body seemed to be in some sort of distress. It was as though I was perspiring profusely (though Susan later told me that it had not been), and I became aware that Lama Sing was telling Susan something about my body getting too hot and that it needed to be cooled down. Some of the entities of Light had entered the room and were apparently tending to my body … some seemed to be brushing it off or something and It was like others were blowing on it. (These are all explanations using words that of course only vaguely represent what was going on; no one was literally brushing me or blowing on me, but the effect of that is what I’m trying to describe.)

When I focused more on the “room”, which of course was not bound by physical walls, I realized that many, many entities, were crowded around there.  “Outsiders” began appearing and Light workers were soaring in and lifting them up. I felt no fear, more just curiosity. All this apparently was having no effect on Lunita and Susan, which further added to my curiosity because that seemed impossible!

I realized my body had been brought to a state of ease and I left that focus and let my consciousness “take in” more of what was happening with the Light further out, in realms or consciousness beyond the Earth. It seemed that waves and waves of them were coming in and lifting people up. Some were being taken far off to one area where Victor and the group with him were tending them. Others were being taken off to the other side to Jim and the group working with him. But the vast majority of waves of Light Beings were rolling past and then returning more slowly with what appeared to be huge numbers of people. I don’t remember any more than this at present. After this, I was “moved” to a different place in Consciousness.

It seemed to me that I was moved a number of times until it was time for me to return to my physical expression. I’m looking forward to comments from Lama Sing and the others on this because I don’t ever recall an experience like this in any of the readings.