Posted Sep 19, ’16 – River of Light

LAMA SING: The River of Light (or Life, both words are used interchangeably here because God IS) is that blessing of God that is constantly moving to give the Grace of opportunity to all those who are making choices that are divergent or are separate from a neighbor, so to say. And so, the River of Light is the Loving Neutrality between these realms, these Major Realms, of choice. The River of Light can bring about a state of nourishment to a brother or a sister who is able to release the limitations and move to the River of Light.

The process by which this is done may vary for each individual. But generally speaking, it has to do with learning how to set self free from those things which are limiting self.

So, to be specific … you would need to bring nothing with you, to move into the River of Light, for it is the Loving Neutrality of God. If you move into the River of Light with a bit of anger or a bit of some strong desire, you can’t enter. You won’t make it. You’ll find yourself dwelling in an adjacent area that may seem far greater than where you were, but it is not the literal Purity of the River of Light.

[given Sep 17, ’16]