Posted Nov 03, ’16 – A Man Called “Rupert”


AL: It became apparent that my Spirit was the primary guiding force as this reading began. It was my choice to pass through the various realms or levels of consciousness with the ultimate intent of moving  to “C” Consciousness.

As we reach the terminus of finite definition I was surprised to see a man leaning against the base of a Live Oak Tree – so common in the South – but to see this in a “place” beyond definition at the boundary of purity which is Father’s Word . . . was very unexpected to say the least.

I had no awareness of this being  planned or something pulled forward from the past. yet I felt an immediate fondness for this man and the scene.

There is an almost casual ambiance to the conversation that follows with a man called “Rupert” and yet he seemed to “know” all about our group, it’s works, and me, all of which is detailed in the transcript.

I have no recall of such an event in the past, so this is; what shall I call it, startling? By the time the reading moved on past Rupert I had a sense of a past connection with him. At some point in the past, something good was shared between us and quite likely, many others. But I don’t know where or when this took place.

I do have memories of the Angels singing but not quite the way Rupert shared the experience with us.

And then for us to have such an “up close and personal” exchange with Jesus is thrilling. Sure, I’ve had many such exchanges with Him, but not like this one, not on these topics.

So for me, this reading Selah #10 has a hold on me. The magnificence that follows almost seeming to me to be another reading. How the appearance of Rupert and being told “He calls!” are connected is yet to be clear to me.

I am excited inside about what lies ahead for us. To hear those words, “He is calling” is something that many if not most of us have long been waiting to hear.