Posted Oct 08, ’16 – Believe!



  • Believe in the presence of the Christ in each moment of every day in every event.
  • Believe and know that you are borne of God each and every moment of each Earth day.
  • Believe and know that those you interact with are your brothers and sisters – none are alien, all are your kinfolk, all love you dearly:

For when the array of choices might be stripped away and the Truth is evident, you will see them and they you. And you will be overjoyed because of it.

We will conclude here, but it is our continual prayer to you to remember that the Promise is in motion; that many of those who are in service with the Christ are awakened in the Earth. Many of those who walked with Him when He was called the man Jesus are in the Earth and are awakened. These are very powerful points of reference, and they contribute masterfully to the coming of the Promise.

There are qualities to the Christ that are known in different lands, in different ways;
but all know the Christ through His Peace and Love. 

Be thou then, ever, in an attitude of Peace and Love to yourself. And you will shine your Light beside the Christ and awaken more and more souls whose way has been obscured until your Light, with the Christ, shows unto them the Path to Freedom.

Fare thee well then, for the present, dear friends.

[given Oct 3, ’16]