Posted Nov 28, ’16 – Up to You to Receive the Healing


LAMA SING: All of the faculties of the Freedom that comes with being a Child of God are yours. These are the same as are present for our Brother, Jesus.

You look upon His lifetime and focus upon the beauty of His good works, the miracles that were performed with His simple nod of intention, a simple agreement that this is so. And yet, He walked in the Earth where there were many who were in varying forms that lacked ease, and these He blessed. He gave to them His healing grace.

The manifestation of that grace, then, remains thereafter the choice of the recipient of His gift. This simply means that when the gift shall be seen is up to the individual who has received His healing grace.

So we come to the point of an individual who is Awakened, and who is in the process of, or has completed the process of, claiming themselves to be Free. The possibilities for such a soul to choose, or to manifest, are almost unending, as we see them from here. Many of you, however, in the Earth, see these from a different perspective. You see them from within a small container of potentials. You see that dis-ease must be conquered in this way or that, or it has not been conquered.

The Children of God, God’s good workers, do not discern; they do not differentiate between something that heals that comes in a little container dispensed by an organization that has an array of these and a pharmacist who dispenses them. They would see this as healing: the potential of God being offered to any who would subscribe to same. They would not say, as some in the Earth do, “Well, this is not true healing. This is not a miracle because it came externally from this liquid, this pill, or these pills.”

Freedom is the realization that you can discern the Truth from illusion, and that you know that, within the power of being Free, there is the right to claim the Grace of God.

[given Nov 22, ’16]