Posted May 22, ’16 – The Wisdom of the Christ


Lama Sing: We have been called to the Bridge of Light[i] frequently (in your Earth measure) to celebrate the freedom of some of your brethren and many of your brethren who you do not know by name in this lifetime.

It is a time, you see, of transition. The energies are peaking, and those who know their way find the opportunity before them merely a step.

It is the time of Awakening. Remember: the shimmering magnificence of your Uniqueness will cast a glow upon the awakening of you as an individual … and as a contribution:
You are calling forth the Logos of God: that you are the alpha, the omega, the beginning and the ending, all of which combines into eternity, the ever-expanding breadth and depth of the wonders of Consciousness of the beauty of the Uniqueness of others, yet to be remembered, rediscovered.

Judge not the events and circumstances of the Earth by their measure as is known therein – even though outwardly this may cause you some aghast, some repulsion, this is a part of the layers, the sheaths, that comprise your Uniqueness as you journey in the Earth – but allow this to pass, that the magnificence of your Uniqueness comes to the forefront, that such events, such circumstances, are met with the compassionate understanding and forgiveness of God’s love.

Whatever role you are cast in by choices and non-choices in the journey of life, simply is. You are however, within this, within the center of each of these roles as the beautiful Uniqueness as God intends you. As the role plays out, as the lifetime unfolds, more and more will you come to know the truth of what we say. And more and more will you be gladdened by its realization and celebrate the accomplishment that that role has given to you, no matter how it is judged by the Earthly values.

        Jesus walked a pathway with his comrades one afternoon, and they came upon a band from a different land who began to accost them, demanding this and that. The leader of the opposing group stepped forward and spoke to Jesus, recognizing Him to be the leader, all the while the followers of Jesus were preparing to do battle, as might be needed.
        Without looking back, Jesus raised His hand, and they all lowered their weapons, their staffs, and a hush fell upon the attackers and Jesus’s group.
        “What say you?” commented the leader of the accosters. “Do you wish to give us your possessions, or give us your lives?”
        In that moment, the eyes of Jesus peered to the soul through the eyes of the accosting leader. And something resonated within the accosting leader, and he begin to feel himself, his body, trembling. And to the shock of his followers, he fell to his knees and threw up his hands, saying, “Oh, my Lord! How could I have not known Thee? Can you forgive us?”
        The Master stepped forward, reaching out a hand to take the opposing leader’s hand. And he tried to bring it forth, but could not. He was as though frozen. Jesus thrust His hand forth again, this time with a smile. Shaking, the man, the leader, slowly managed to bring his hand up and placed it into the hand of Jesus. 
        In that moment, a murmur passed through the entirety of the group gathered, for as the attacking leader rose, his garments changed. They were no longer filthy rags wrapped around a thin but stout body. His eyes began to glisten with a light reflected to him by Jesus, Himself. He looked down as his clothing became the same as that worn by Jesus, and all of the others of the marauders gasped as they saw that their garments, too, were changing, some of them, falling to their knees and weeping in the realization that He, whom they had encountered, is the Holy One. 
        They stood for a moment or more, looking into each other’s eyes.
        And softly Jesus said, “There. We have given to you that which you have sought from us. Our possessions are now yours. But look you, we have lost nothing by the giving of this to you, for we give it to you in my Father’s Name, in His love of you as His children, the same as we. You wear these garments, and they reflect to you the beauty that is within you, not the garment itself but the beauty within you. This is the greatest gift – that I have given to you – and I thank you for this opportunity to share with you in my Father’s Name. And henceforth, I call you brother.”
        Stepping forward, Jesus embraces the leader. They pause but a moment, and Jesus continues on, passing through the remainder of the group as they step aside in awe: that here, passing before them, is the Christ. 

The wisdom of the Christ is within you. It will come with the Awakening. Celebrate it.

See a brother or sister in all whom you meet, and know the glory that lays before you all as you will do this.

Cast aside the veils that cloud your joy: the veil of doubt, or fear, or sadness, concern. Let the beauty of your Uniqueness return to the forefront of who you are, and the emotional veils and all that which is the happenstance of the journey you are embarked upon … Choose to place these with security and firmness as foundations to build upon, no longer to be worn.

If you walk with Father, you and He together, when one comes to you and asks for a thing, you and Father will answer. When you see a need, you and Father will answer it and by your sides are Mary and Jesus, the Maidens, and the holy followers of the Christ. And surrounding all of you, the Angelic Host.



I am a child of God.

I am a child of God.

I am a child of God.

And within me are God’s blessings.
Ask of me and I shall open them for you.


Bridge of Light – In a reading within the “Peter Works” in 2000, it was requested of those following the Peter journey to envision, and literally create through mind and intention, a Bridge of Light. Per Lama Sing: “The Bridge of Light is the work of a group of souls in the Earth who chose to use their power as Children of God to manifest a “Bridge” to span the realms of shadow between the Earth and the realms beyond. (Universal Law was conformed to because the Bridge was built by the choice of the group from within in the expression and experience of Earth.) Prior to this Bridge it was not uncommon for one transitioning from finite life to infinite life beyond Earth to become lured off their path of light into Shadowlands, the Sea of Faces, lesser realms. Those leaving Earth in the process you call death who choose to use the Bridge move more or less unimpeded now. And they give of their energy in thankfulness, so the Bridge is expanded and brighter, extending further and further because of this continual flow of gifts.”