Posted May 22, ’16 – More on the Wisdom of the Christ


Al: This weeks Lama Sing column, May 22, ’16, The Wisdom of the Christ, has no shortage of eye-brow-raising comments. But perhaps the most intriguing of them is:

“The wisdom of the Christ is within you. It will come with the Awakening. Celebrate it.”

This is a really big statement. Most often the word “wisdom” is associated with higher degrees of study, education or perhaps research. But the wisdom of the Christ seems immense in comparison to any such traditional meaning.

Skipping over all the potential references, definitions, and uses of that word, it could be taken to mean that all knowledge, by Earthly standards, is within us – but I don’t think that is what Lama Sing is saying. Rather, for us to understand how we could have the Wisdom of the Christ within us we need to look at ourselves from an eternal perspective, believing unconditionally that we truly are “Children of God.”

The Master’s Wisdom is the ability to see, hear, know, without the shadowy residue of judgments or points of view as are so  common in daily life. He sees Truth. He Sees with the clarity of capital “C” Consciousness, meaning that, sure, He has access to all knowledge in the traditional sense, as staggering as that might seem – but most of all, His Wisdom empowers Him to see without a personal coloring of what is being observed. He is an impartial all-loving observer capable of taking action when He Knows (capital “K”) doing so will be a gift from Our Father flowing through Him. No hidden agendas.

I feel confident this potential is within us all, just waiting to be claimed. With every day that passes and the energies of change becoming more manifest, we are witness to changes in virtually all areas of life, including beautiful miracles in answer to our prayers.

As we continue to open ourselves to understanding who we are and what Christ Wisdom is – it becomes evident that it is a gift from our Creator to each of His children.