Posted May 14, ’16 – Not the Thinning of the Veils

LAMA SING: There is reference to a term called the Veils of Separateness, and there is validity to this, for the love of God grants each group of individuals who choose to believe unto a certain way of being, have the right to experience that. The Loving Neutrality, or Veil that separates, preserves that right. It is not made of stone, nor wood, nor mortar, but it is made of the Loving Neutrality of God at its most pure level. Understand that. In other words, the Veils of Separateness are the pure Loving Neutrality of God, flowing as a river of life between these places of demarcation: collective choices. We are giving this as a preface to what we wish to speak to next …

Our brother through who we communicate here had an experience of late where he awoke from a meditation in which he heard someone open and close the door to his abode. And then the rustling of wrapping paper such as would be found on a sturdy box or something of that sort. As he swung his feet over the edge of the bed, he called out to see if it was his mate who had returned from a task of running errands. Before he spoke the words, the rustling of the unwrapping of the package was very evident, and he called out, “Hello, Susan,” and the wrapping stopped. In that moment, he could feel the shift, the shift of the Veils of Separateness, and he spoke again several times, though knowing even before he did, there would be no answer.

We tell you this because the Loving Neutrality of the Veils is in harmony with many of you, and is increasing in that harmony as the energies are rising. This is an indicator of the potential of your movement: that if you can, be in the finite realm and in the infinite realm even for a few moments. In this example, while he sat on the edge of the bed listening to the wrapping paper rustling in the background, he was in simultaneity, a duality, of consciousness: He was in a state beyond finiteness and in finiteness itself as you know it.

The value of knowing this is that you are now open to see it, to understand it, not just in this way as we have shared on his behalf (with a note of loving humor, we volunteered it, see). Be aware that your thoughts, your observations may shift for a few of your seconds measure where you see and know beyond the finite just as clearly as you do in the infinite and vice versa.

The Veils are not, in that sense, “thinning”, but the consciousness of those who are seeking is collectively rising to the point where the Loving Neutrality within many of you as individuals, but all of you, collectively as a greater grouping, again, is rising. This will give you the impression that the veils are thinning, but in truth, you are rising (using that term to create understanding).

Your consciousness is accelerating so that the higher frequencies (using these terms, now, for understanding) … the higher vibrations or frequencies can be discerned while yet sustaining life in the lower vibrational frequencies. In other words, a simultaneity of consciousness.

Now granted, this is not the first experience our brother has had of this nature. He was called to the Earth from one of these meetings [readings] and knew his physical body and his spirit at the same time. But in this instance, it was the reverse (in a manner of speaking).

We are dwelling on this to emphasize to you: You are growing in your consciousness because you are choosing. The moreso you grant yourself the opportunity to experience, the more frequent and clearer your experiences will be.

Do you believe this clear, Sushan?

SUSAN: I believe it’s very clear. I have a question of curiosity. Might I ask that now?


SUSAN: The door closing (and our door is quite loud, actually) and the wrapping paper sound was not taking place in this abode. Where was it taking place?

LAMA SING: This was in the meditation. The Opening of the Door was indicated by its closing. In other words, a door opens and closes, see? And the wrapping paper (noisily, that heavy, brown wrapping paper) was indicative of a Gift being opened, and an encouragement to our brother to continue to see the Door as open and to continue unwrapping the Gifts. It is also now, as it has been given openly, an offering to all of you.

[As in recent readings, Lama Sing now addresses the “shadow forces”, the “balancing forces”, as they more lovingly refer to them.]

We have spoken to all of Consciousness in this meeting, and we are aware of you who are seeking to sustain (what you call) the status quo, and we grant you that right. But in accordance with Universal Law in the realm called Earth, there is the equal right to progress and for the Light to be offered equal to what you consider to be the Darkness.

Both of these energies are rising. We seek no conflict, no battle. Neither shall there be the submission of any soul who reaches out to the Light. We claim the Authority to take the hands (so to speak) of anyone who reaches out from the Darkness from within your midst. We shall retrieve them.

As we progress to retrieve them, we shall do so bearing the full Light of our Father. Therefore, we tell you this now that, should you wish to avoid that Light, you now know of our intent. And as of this very measurement, moment (as you call it), this now we proclaim to be in effect, and we do so standing at the side of the Christ. So be it.

Within each of you, dear friends, is a splendid garden, filled with the potential of many, many beautiful things. The Garden within you can bring forth musical creations of wonder, enchantment, pictorial presentations of dazzling beauty, weavings, architectural designs, teachings, and on and on, not to mention flowers, and plants, and vegetables, and so forth.

The Garden is that Place from whence thought arises, and you are the master of it. You have the right to choose what you shall nurture in the Garden within, and all of this is governed by your rights as a Child of God. And as you follow your brother, Timothy*, and as you claim Loving Neutrality, you will find the Truth of your Uniqueness, guiding you to bring forth the beautiful harvest that is your gift to all that exists. Often dwell therein in reflection and set yourself and your creation, under the guidance of God, Free.

We thank those of you who have gathered for this meeting, and those of you who are coming to join our brethren who are surrounding and blessing the beautiful Earth. Thank you for coming.


* Timothy – Lama Sing is referring to the question asked by one named “Tim”.


[given: May 4, ’16]