Posted May 14, ’16 – How do we attain the center of our being?

I wonder if Lama Sing could speak more on this most important topic: attaining the center of one’s being. How does one prepare to do this? How does one know that this center has been reached? Thank you.

Lama Sing: This is a wonderful question and we are grateful for it. We shall take a moment here. Because of the nature of the uniqueness of each of you, we should like to collect a bit prior to responding. Thank you. [pause] Very well.

The preparation begins with the realization that you are the authority. (Remember? This we have given previously.)

You are the authority. While you might find, some of you, that you are in an environment in which your actual, literal authority is bound up by the will or dominance of others, you are the authority within yourself, and the only way this can be taken from you is if you allow it. With this authority, you realize that the thoughts that come and go in your mind are under your control, your authority. Then you must, you see, apply this authority if you wish to have the mind be the true extension of your spirit and to command thoughts to take their proper order lovingly. And once this is accomplished, you should find a peaceful silence within yourself.

The moreso you do this, you will begin to feel and experience an expansion, the rapidity of which is beyond measure, so much so that you will feel delighted by the experiencing of it. When you reach this point, you are at the “center of your being”, for the peace that prevails therein is indescribably unique for each of you.

Rapidly, this, if it is held, will be followed by a warmth. Not a warmth that is measured by temperature, but the warmth that is measured by (what you call) emotion. It is the warmth of being lovingly neutral, wherein you, as an expression of God in your uniqueness, have found the passion with which God grants you life, grants you being.

These are methodologies, but the best of all is for you to find that place of peace and silence that is immediately followed by the bursting forth of this wondrous expansion. What is this? It is the Freedom of Self, and as you become familiar and comfortable with this, then you may begin your movement in accordance to your individual choice, or you may receive guidance, counsel, if you will, from others whose spiritual awareness is, at the least, equal to your own, but generally would be found to be greater in the sense of more open.

Thank you for your question.

[Note: This question was submitted by one named “Tim” whom Lama Sing identified as “Timothy” in their message posted May 14, ’16]

[given May 5, ’16]