Posted Mar 04, ’16 – The Mottled Sky


Al: As I was offering my prayers and preparing to meditate in our “chapel,” which is a little balcony where we pray and meditate that overlooks the mangroves and out to the Gulf, several osprey caught my attention. I followed their slow spiraled soaring upward.

I was surprised when I gradually became aware of the mottled clouds around me because what I had been soaring in was the absolute brilliance of the blue morning sky. I felt myself shifting from thinking to just being. Then I became an observer of the majesty of what was before me. Thoughts and emotions passed away and in their place came a peaceful wispy feeling of inner quiet. I let this expand until my only awareness was of the mottled sky coupled with my inner peace.

What I was experiencing was just like this week’s message to us, To Know Your True Nature: That beneath the mottling of clouds is the brilliant blue morning sky.

Our life in this beautiful world is like a mottled sky: clouds of expectation from others and life itself mute the magnificence of the “blue sky” … the eternal self within, which is not mottled but holds an unending vista of potential and beauty.

Letting go of the mottling — the expectations and opinions of others, the habits, veils, sheaths — is only a choice away; not without deliberate dedication to sustain that choice, but a simple choice nonetheless.