Posted Mar 04, ’16 – To Know Your True Nature


Lama Sing: When one seeks to Know the true nature of their own unique Being while expressed in the Earth, this cannot be done by seeing self in a looking glass or asking this one or that who knoweth thee. They may comment upon qualities, aspects, that are a part of their knowing of you, but to truly know Self there must be the unencumbered journey within – passing through the various mechanisms, veils, shields, sheaths, habits, that tend to protect (in a manner of speaking) the beauty and delicacy of the Life given by Father within.

This connection to the Creator is an eternal one, and as it is sought after by the quest to Know Self, there will, as one is steadfast, come to pass that moment when this Creative Force and the Consciousness of Self become one.

In that moment of Oneness the utterness of God’s love for you invokes the Knowing of Freedom – that has no boundary, no exception, no limitation, no conditions. It is that which is of God, of the Creator, period. And because it is of the Creator, you are as He.

In the moment of that realization, many things as have been considered of value, importance, need even, begin to fall away, and the beauty of the Truth of your eternal nature takes the place of all the other things. And those things that were collected and assembled to form the outward image of self are now free, and they become a beautiful resonance that is not a shell, a shield, a buffer, a veil, but a shimmering collage of beautiful energies that are indicative of the uniqueness of the Life within You.

[given Feb 20, ’16]