Posted Mar 04, ’16 – Blasphemy?


5Questions PageFXQuestion: Lama Sing, in some of the readings I have purchased from this website, you have said (in various ways) that we are each equal to the Christ. How can this be so! This seems like blasphemy to me.


Lama Sing: Love, you see, is the Pathway and the tool with which to forge a lifetime that will show to others the same Spirit of the Creator within you as is found within the Christ.

He is as He is, and You are as You are, but You are both of the Creator, and therefore, the magnificence is just so the same.

Reach out in this moment upon a pathway of trust and love and know Yourself! And allow the light of the beauty of who You are intended to be by the Creator to shine forth from You.

And when You do this, all whom You meet will be touched by this, gifted by it, and You will be making the Way open and passable for the Promise to return.

[given Feb 20, ’16]