Posted Mar 26, ’16 – The Ultimate Force


Al:  The interaction between mind and emotion is evident when viewed from the perspective of the Earth but traditionally Spirit falls outside of this domain. In this week’s message, Lama Sing points to our Eternal Spirit as the ultimate force – if we choose to use it.

Moving through emotions as they are known in the consciousness of Earth can have a “sticky” effect and dwelling too long or too deeply in an emotion can allow it to become a part of you. Mind often doesn’t do much to resist emotion, mind and emotion seem almost as partners in the journey of life in Earth.

Spirit, however, is above this. When I am in spirit form when doing a reading I have moved with Lama Sing and others through the depths of emotion and mass mind thought with no residual effect, something that would have been difficult to do from the finite level. Just as Lama Sing points out, we are eternal Spirit and when we move into Spirit and empower an Intent, all else is subject to that intent – dependent only on the determination with which we strengthen that intent.

So my answer would be, in meditation you are in Spirit and, when emotion comes to call, it has nothing to stick to.

Similarly, in daily life, if you find yourself in the midst of a mental or emotional challenge, just as you did in meditation, rather than struggle with them, move into Spirit and this will enable you to allow those energies to simply pass you by.

There are other approaches that have profound benefit to us and others that Lama Sing will be sharing with us in the weeks ahead.