Posted Mar 21, ’17 – To Go or Wait


Lama Sing: As Jesus gave the Word, which was His Promise, it was much in the same manner as the Father speaking the Word, which became Consciousness. So, His Promise is not something to be seen as passing conversation but, rather, a statement of Truth: “I shall return, and I shall offer you Freedom.”

If you choose to follow the Master, does that mean that you must depart the Earth or that you must give up life as you know it in finiteness? If those were truth, then, how could that be considered freedom if they were mandates? The Freedom to follow the Master means — not finitely, but in the Eternal sense — that your Spirit would Awaken and know itself to be Eternal; and, from that Eternal Knowing, choose to follow the Master. And in the choosing to follow the Master, you also accomplish a state of Freedom.

But if you retain an aspect of finiteness that you wish to carry out to some fruition, then simultaneously, you are choosing to wait.

[given Mar 11, ’17]