Posted Mar 18, ’17 – The Choice on the Horizon

Lama Sing: Look at it this way: You have gone into a multiplex (we believe they are called) movie theater. And you walk into one theater, and you sit down, you begin to watch the movie, the cinema. And then you suddenly get up, leaving your companions, and walk down the hall to the next movie, the next cinema, and sit down, glancing around and seeing others of your friends. And you do this again, and again. Not a one of these movies is completed. See? But you know what’s going on in all of them, but you are not going to complete them because you are not choosing to remain in the context of that singular choice.

The Master is an expression of God of primal order. His Love has no limit. His holy Grace brings forth the capacity to heal. If you are in the Earth, having chosen a finite expression to follow, to complete lovingly, He will celebrate that with you, but your choice in that finite expression will be honored by Him. What in the world does that mean anyway? Well, it means this: He’s not going to interfere. You have chosen to be in the midst of the choices of others that comprise the movie you have gone to see, and all of the actors, and the plots, and so forth are there because they have chosen them. The Master would not walk into the theater and flip the switch and turn on all the lights so that the movie cannot be seen because that would be violating the choices of those who wish to see the movie.

What He can do, and will do, is what He is doing: When you move into prayer and you hold before yourself your love of the Christ and Father God, He and you will be One. This means that His strength is offered to you. His action is not.

“In other words, He will not interfere in our choice of finiteness.” -Al

[given Mar 11, ’17]