Posted Mar 01, ’17 – “Graduating” to a New Realm

Lama Sing: As the Promise reaches its full manifestation and becomes visible to all who are willing to see, a point of transition will occur. There will be the continuity of experiences that are the choices of those who prefer to continue on as they are; and there will be a movement of a level of consciousness that will carry those who choose the Promise to a new realm of expression.

So, you would have a realm (let us call it that, if you will) wherein many souls have (quote) “graduated” (end quote) (with some tongue in cheek, here), because they have set themselves Free from that which they have been dependent upon for many, many lifetimes. They have graduated because they now accept that they and God are One.

(There is always the opportunity for those who choose to remain in the familiar to move on: the processes that are in place—by their choice and by their creation—enable them to leave the Earth through various means, one of them you call death. And in the process of death, there is the movement into the loving neutrality of God, the river of God’s Love and Light, and life. Here, the choices are reviewed and made.)

Reaching the pinnacle of the Promise is rather like reaching the ultimate of your potential as a Child of God. This simply means that you would come to BE as God sees you, and that is no small thing.


[given Dec 10, ’16]