Posted Mar 19, ’16 – Meditating for Oneness


Al:  Here is simple meditation that works for illuminating your path between Spirit and finiteness:

In your place of quiet prayer and/or meditation, begin by softly saying your first name. Allow there to be a space of silence and then repeat this sequence. Continue to do this, each time allowing the space to grow.

Soon you will find you are dwelling completely in the Space. In this Space, a Peace will come. As you accept that Peace and intend to dwell in It, It will expand its embrace of you and you may find at this point (as I do) that you are swept up, as though a beautiful wind comes and lifts you up into a Consciousness in which you know you are One with All that is.

When this happens for you, which I’m sure it will if you are dedicated, as you conclude your meditation, you will feel the Oneness moving back with you. The more you do this, the more you will find that you are carrying the experience of Oneness with you in daily life. You will recognize the Oneness everywhere and It will be reflected back to you by everything that you encounter.