Posted Mar 17, ’17 – Stubborn Illusions

Lama Sing: When one pauses in the journey of life, as it is known in the Earth, and in that pause, they move within to find that place of sacredness, of silence, of peace, there is the opportunity to truly know that limitation is, indeed, nothing but a choice. And yet, upon return to finiteness from the meditation, many of these choices seem to be mandated, difficult, if at all possible, to cast off.

And yet, our Brother, the Christ, has shown that with the Truth of Believing it is possible to call forth your Spirit and say unto that illusion, that array of choices that perpetuated the illusion, “I release you. I give you my love and my peace, but I do not choose you. Therefore, we are both free.”

Then it would follow, “How is it, then, if I, having practiced this nearly as close to that as has been given as I can for many years, and yet, these illusions remain in place?”

One could say very straightforwardly that the illusions are a part of the reasons you have chosen to be in the current experience, and like as not, this would be true. You see this?And if the choices for being in this experience include these (quote) “illusions” (end quote), the choosing of them to be experienced move them from a position of illusion to a position of experience.

If you are struggling with dis-eases, celebrate that, for it is an opportunity that is a part of your journey. And as you cross over the completion of this journey, you will see the beauty that it has given to you by way of the Understanding, the Knowing that is now yours.