Posted Mar 18, ’17 – Meditation Series: #1

From Lama Sing: We have asked our brother, the Channel, to share this, and we do so, again. For the simplicity of his belief and his ‘procedure’ (if you would call it such) is a very clear pathway for you, to move out of the illusion and into Consciousness and oneness with the Master.  -Mar 11, ‘17

AL: There are various states of being into which people can move and experience a high degree of peace and well-being, a higher level of connection with consciousness, with nature, with others… in other words, altered states we’ve learned to move to that feel really good and renew our spirit, for some people, dramatically so. Some examples of these could be singing or painting, walking on a beautiful trail, gardening, floating in a pool, going for a long drive in the countryside, etc. There are so many ways we can move our state of consciousness from the busy-busy of mass-mind to one of peace and utter well-being. In these states, it’s good to know that we are being contributive to mass-mind thought and nourishing our own body, emotion, mind, and spirit.

In all of these examples, though (and many more, of course), it’s probably apparent that you have to be cognizant of your body. I am one who loves to float in the water and can do so for long periods of time; it renews my spirit and I love it. But as freeing as this is, as blissful as it can be, I still have to maintain some awareness of my body in order to stay afloat. If I were gardening, some part of me would be aware of using the shears safely. Taking a walk on a quiet road, in what I might call a “walking meditation”, my subconscious is aware of the sound of approaching traffic or where to safely place my feet.

My intent in these coming Columns is to help you make your way into “C” Consciousness, where there is no need, even for your subconscious mind, to be tethered to the finite. For, when in Consciousness, your Spirit is the Authority overseeing your well-being so that, even in an emergency such as the sudden presence of smoke, your Spirit will awaken you to possible dangers.

When I move to a deep state of Consciousness, I have no concern or thoughts of my finite being. When I have moved into Consciousness in preparation for a reading, I have no such awareness. I leave Earthly experiences behind and move into the vastness of eternal Consciousness with no limiting thoughts or influences, whatsoever, that could limit my Freedom.

What I intend to share with you in the following columns is how I do that.