Posted Apr 08, ’17 – Meditation Series: #2

From Lama Sing: We have asked our brother, the Channel, to share this, and we do so, again. For the simplicity of his belief and his ‘procedure’ (if you would call it such) is a very clear pathway for you, to move out of the illusion and into Consciousness and oneness with the Master.  -Mar 11, ‘17

Choose the Level

AL: You may already know that there are many different levels in meditation that you can strive for and many different techniques to use to reach those levels. What I would like to emphasize in this initial meeting with you, as I follow through on Lama Sing’s request of me, is that choosing the level you wish to attain before beginning any meditation is a very important first step. The reason for this is that the level of meditation you reach will determine the information available to you.

For example, if you are seeking guidance on matters that are more, shall I say, “earthy” in nature — choosing where to live, relationships, questions on vocation, etc. — these would be considered “lower” levels of consciousness, originating at the finite realm of Earth. Reaching these levels in meditation is relatively easy because the energies involved are more familiar.

Do keep in mind though that the levels closer to Earth are imbued with finite “temptations.” They are alluring, even to the point of often making it difficult to move past them. Therefore, clearing the mind and emotions prior to meditation is so important. For instance, if you are holding something in mind that is special to you in the Earth, you may not be able to resist passing through a realm in which those energies are densely present.

Before I begin any meditation, to clear my mind and emotion, I seek the Silence (capital “S”). As I do so, I free myself from those thoughts, those emotions that could become “sticky” and limit, if not impede, my progress.

If you find your progress towards your intent becomes impeded, especially if it has a “sticky” feel to it, you would be better off to conclude your meditation, take a break, drink some water and walk around a bit before you try again.

Keep notes on what energies or thoughts you felt limited you. Then, in your next meditation, be sure you have cleared these residual energies and thoughts from your mind. Repeat this process until you have reached the Silence.

We’ll continue on from here in my next column. I plan to share more about the Sacred Silence and then about reaching more rarified, higher levels of consciousness, similar to moving out into space beyond the Earth rather remaining in Earth’s atmosphere and soaring about.