Posted Mar 15, ’17 – Will Judas have a role?


Question: In the readings on Judas from 1976, Judas will have a “role of great honor and service to the Master….” Is there any new information that you can provide at the dawn of 2017 regarding this?

Lama Sing:

(In your terms, your nomenclature now… In order for there to be clarity, we are using your words and their associated meaning, see.) There is aligned with Judas many such aspects as have been the teachings of many peoples, many churches and so forth, down through the ages. And here, we find that Judas has borne these as he promised the Master, the Christ, he would so do unto the last day. And that last day is the fulfillment of the Promise, where those who are His step across and become one with Him, and those who choose otherwise may do contrary according to their choice.

Judas has brought forth the Light into realms of darkness where it would have been very difficult to have been accomplished by another soul, because Judas was seen to be one of them and believed to be of the darkness (we shall say, that meaning in the negative sense of that word), and yet, Judas is the bearer of the Light because he is capable of being in the darkness without loss of any aspect of his Uniqueness. Judas is complete wheresoever he is, and accordingly, therefore, he can lead those from the darkness to the Light, and he can lead those from the Light to the darkness, that they can find those they are seeking to serve. This has accelerated considerably, and many have been set free because of the combined works of this nature to this point.

You have heard it spoken of the Sanctuary [see Selah Glossary], and here we find that Judas is one of those who brought the understanding of the Light to those who were taught fear in regard to Light. And as such then, he now brings to all of those who are seeking freedom from the darkness, from the illusion, the opportunity to See.

This opportunity to See comes from the finite expression of his being, when he was expressed as Judas. It also comes from the eternal expression of his Being as our Father asked him, “Will you come forth, my son, and doeth these works with us?” To which he answered, “Yea, Father, verily I shall do these with joy and in honor to You. I pledge myself eternally to serve beside my Brother, the Christ, as I so do.”


[given Mar 7, ’17]



[given Mar 7, ’17