Posted Mar 16, ’17 – Explain the “Second Coming”

Explain the “Second Coming”

Question: As humans hopeful of the coming again of the Christ and the Master in some unknown form, it occurred to me that perhaps there is no second coming (or let’s say a coming again) at all. It would appear to me that the Christ has always been present. The only thing that is coming is us, our conscious awareness to the Christ and the movement of the mass-mind consciousness. Could you please comment on the awareness of the Christ that makes the Promise possible? Would that not make the second coming a part of our choice as Children of God? Thank you and many blessings for your great service.

Lama Sing: The Second Coming is a gift to you, to all. It is not something to be chosen by one or a handful, or a number, any number; it is a promise, a promise given by the Christ. You are a part of this Promise if you have chosen to be a part of it; if you are not choosing to be a part of it, you are still a part of it because it is the Promise of the Christ.

This may sound like (what you call) double-speak, double-talk, but we assure you it’s very simple, very straightforward. For a promise by the Christ, a promise by God, has no qualifier. You see? You can’t take a promise of God and say, “Well, I’ll decide this and you decide that.” This is an absolute. The Promise is absolute.

The Christ has promised to come to bring you Home.

If you do not wish to come Home, that is your right, for “the Kingdom of God is truly within you,” so sayeth He.


[given Mar 7, 17]