Posted Mar 16, ’16 – The Power of Intent


Lama Sing: Much is coming into the throes of change upon the Earth and the energies thereabouts. As this continues to unfold, remember who you are and remember your brethren, and you will be of good service by so doing.

If you are realizing the wonders of the time present in the Earth, then take pause to reflect upon, What is my ideal? What is my intent for this journey? 

Remind yourselves that you have had many such journeys and that many more will follow if you choose them. But this is the one you are in at present; this is the pathway and experience that you have chosen. You create the accomplishment by determining it and holding it.

The Intent: It is that beautiful power that will open the way for you as you continue on in your current lifetime, and it is a contribution to the Light that is now awakening. Know your Intent.

[given Mar 5, ’16]