Posted Mar 15, ’17 – Are there forces in opposition?


Question: Are there forces of opposition in motion that would seek to prevent the Second Coming and the awakening of the Christ Spirit?

Lama Sing: Yes, there are those forces of opposition. You will find these, first and foremost, within yourself. If that does not surprise you, then we would compliment you and speak to you in the nature of Truth beyond this work, in the silent times of meditation with God. For in the knowing of this, thou Knoweth Self. See?

There are those who, in the sense of opposition, strive to sustain the status quo… in other words, who wish to have their way continue. And if you look upon the world as you know it and as you are experiencing it, as you are living it, you might, in truth, find yourself saying, “Well, this is seemingly a good system and I do not know what would improve upon it.” And from that vantage point you might say, “I would not change,” and so, you could be seen as opposing the Promise.

Now look at these, those within and those without. First of all, the idea of change brings about a shift in energy, does it not? If you are told. “Tomorrow there is going to be a big change, and it is going to happen and affect you,” would you not feel some energy shift take place within you? Will there not be some activities, some things that will move about in pondering, “I wonder if it will be this?” or “I wonder if it will be that?”

But here again, if you are one of those who looks upon such commentary and states, “Wonderful! It is time for this change to come. It is time for the Promise to manifest,” then we will speak with you in the silent sacredness of meditation with God, for thou knoweth Truth.

In a brief summation of these aspects then, yes there are those who would resist. They are, in some respects, armed forces, just like in the past, and they seek to use their might, their strength, their power, to overcome those who seemingly have no such power to repulse them. The truth is, here we have the presence of the Christ Spirit, moving into full expression in the Earth. And as such then, there can be the threat to take the life of an individual. But those individuals who are so threatened know the Truth, and in their knowing of the Truth, they can bring forth the spirit of the Christ to shine it upon those who would oppose, those who would be transgressors against the beauty of the Promise, itself. And as such, then, the Promise will come to the forefront and will be the overriding force. See?

[given Mar 3, ’17]