Posted Mar 15, ’17 – On Death and Dying

Lama Sing: These questions are important and here is one of the reasons why: You are carrying an illusion. It is a very powerful illusion.

This topic can go on and on and round and round, but the simplistic truth is: nothing dies. Nothing. No thing dies. Everything changes its form because everything is in motion. Why? Because everything is a part of the spoken Word of God; not stone tablets, but the living Word of God going forth, interacting with the incredible magnitude of potential that is in Consciousness Itself.

The Master, Jesus the Christ, and the many followers who journey with Him bring to you the opportunity for you to see the reflection of your own being in all that is. Nothing will be destroyed. In those times in past, it was promised that He would return, hence the Promise. And the purpose of the Promise was to offer to set you Free.

Every moment of every Earth’s day measure holds an opportunity for someone to enter the Earth and to begin a journey of exploration, to begin a journey of opportunity to give and receive, and yes, to begin a journey that could, just as abruptly as it began, end. The ending of a journey in a lifetime in the Earth is, indeed, worthy of celebration. For as one departs from a life in the Earth, it is enough to give cause to celebrate all that has been given to that one—the gifts of love, the gifts of opportunity to create, the gifts of discovery, and on, and on. But nowhere is it said that when the body is lain aside all else is gone. Rather, it is said that He will come, take your hand, and lift you up higher and higher, and you will look upon the sweet Earth as it truly is: a realm of consciousness in which the Children of God are coming to know themselves.

Sweet brothers and sisters, it is time for you to believe! And what is it to be believed? That is the question: What do you believe?


[given Mar 3, ’17]