Posted Mar 13, ’17 – Do You Believe?

Lama Sing: The Promise is here. And beside you is the potential that you have long sought after, if, indeed, you have been seeking.

How might you begin from this point? You begin by looking at yourself in a manner that is (perhaps, you would call this) investigative or something of that sort. You, at this point, are searching to know if you have, within yourself, Belief. Are you capable of believing that you are a Daughter or Son of God to the extent that you find Peace in every moment of every experience? For it is only this Belief that is needed to accomplish that Peacefulness.

Believing is a state of consciousness.

When there are those experiences that you encounter that do not bring joy to you, do not hold these, but return to your Believing in the True nature of yourself as a Child of God, and then you will very quickly begin to see that this is merely a passing event… it is as the winds of time moving through the consciousness of the varying realms of expression as the Children of God have chosen to explore.


[given Feb 2, ’17]