Posted Mar 11, ’16 – Death, the Misunderstood Gift


Al: In the book, When Comes The Call,  Lama Sing recounts the story of our journey into finiteness from the point of our awakening to involvement with the realm called Earth.

In this story, it was explained that the process of “Earthly death” was put in place to give those journeying in the realm of Earth the opportunity to begin again, “a way out” so to say. We can have multiple opportunities to discover our true nature from within the depths of finiteness in physical body and the opportunity to come back into this Earthly realm or other realms of expression as many times as we “need” or would choose until we realize and can fully apply our potential as Children of God. With respect to the Earth, without this process called death souls could become mired in the Earthly experience.

In Lama Sing’s message, Entering the Portal Called Death, it is pointed out that we have much to say about when we pass through this portal of transition. When reflecting on that statement it could seem puzzling because some transitions seem unfair, untimely, etc.

While in spiritual form in the readings, I have observed many souls at their point of transition from life on Earth to life beyond. From my position of “loving neutrality” with the Lama Sing group, I can easily see why an infant dies a sudden death, why a teenager dies in an accident, why someone takes their own life. The reasons for this are clearly evident in their “records,” in their past experiences and choices. Transitions that might otherwise be puzzling are comprehended. Often, they were even chosen in beautiful service to others, not the kind of heroic choice that is immediately known and understood by those involved but in subtle service that often is not understood until the point of transition.

Whether an act of service or the reasons for death at that particular time are specifically personal to that one,  in every case I’ve seen from the other side, choice on the part of the individual is always — always — present.

Those who have learned to “listen” inwardly will sense when their time is near and choose, perhaps at a subtle level of their being, to gently to “let go” of this experience and move on to the next.

It wasn’t originally meant to be this way, and beyond finite realms such as Earth it is not this way. Birth and death are Earthly experiences. Elsewhere movement from one “experience” to another doesn’t involve a sense of loss or pain and there is no “death,” but rather the progression until the soul remembers its true heritage.