Posted Jun 13, ’16 – How do we ensure we’re at One before we pray?


Question: How we can better ensure we are at one with God before we pray, and not open ourselves to any harm.

Lama Sing: As you begin any work intended to be a prayer in the Name of God on behalf of others who are seeking, that very intent going before you surrounds you with a Light of Truth. This Light of Truth will endow you with a residual that will stay with you indeterminately, for as you come to pray again, let us say the following day, the residual is still alive and well (knowing that you understand these terms). And each prayer thereafter stated in a similar manner such as this:

            Lord God, it is I (state your name) coming before you in service, in the knowing that so as I do, You are with me.

In that knowing, then, is there the presence of the unlimited potential to answer this request to the highest and best of the individual or individuals who are seeking. This and this alone will ensure that you are serving in His Name. See?


[given Jun 2, ’16]