Posted Jun 01, ’17 – Graduation

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They have graduated because they now accept that they and God are One, and in the acceptance of this Oneness, they can be where God is: straightforward, that means where they choose.

Those who remain in the Earth realm as it is, essentially, will continue to grow and expand, will continue to have wonderful opportunities to discover the true nature of their being. And some of you may choose to return now and then to bring them a bit of light of understanding, to bring them a bit of hope when one of their habits has burdened them too heavily. There isn’t a one of them that can stray too far away; there isn’t a one of them that ever is absent from God’s Love.

You would find that there is always the opportunity for those who choose to remain in the familiar to move on. The processes that are in place—by their choice and by their creation—enable them to leave the Earth through various means … one of them you call death. And in the process of death, there is the movement into the loving neutrality of God, the river of God’s Love and Light, and life. Here, the choices are reviewed and made.

If all of you get really serious and believe in yourselves and your brethren, and stop using words and phrases that limit you, and do all that you know to do that brings to you and others a sense of joy, a smile, happiness, then this will bear fruit. And from the fruits will come the seeds of new opportunities for more growth, more opportunity to see yourselves in differing events and circumstances. Those who have chosen to remain would experience much of this; the ones who have graduated could experience any amount that they might choose and never be limited in any wise as they do.

Reaching the pinnacle of the Promise is rather like reaching the ultimate of your potential as a Child of God. This simply means that you would come to BE as God sees you, and that is no small thing; that is something that would be, and is, celebrated all throughout Consciousness. And why would it be like that? Who would care anyway if one little old soul over there in the corner of consciousness breaks Free and finds themselves to be, indeed, a Child of God? It’s the lines of light. These are the Love Lines that connect God to everything that is. These are the sources through which God’s constant presence flows and gives the potential for being to all that is. And so, this certainly gives rise to justification for celebration by everyone, by all of Consciousness. See?

You do not make the decision for them. They must make it. You do not have to prepare a certain time and place for them to be Free. They must choose it.

It is a time for the miracles to begin at a new level. And as each of you realize this and join together and do these works together, as we have continually urged you to do and in the manner as we have recounted previously, you will see more and more evidence (if you like that word) … results (we think would be better). But you are the masters of your own choices. Now is the time to apply this. See?

– Lama Sing