Posted Jan 30, ’16 – Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me

Al:  You might wonder why this bible reference to the First Commandment was given to us just now as we are focusing on The Promise. The Commandment itself doesn’t outwardly convey a feeling of a warm and loving Creator but rather a very authoritative one, an odd contrast to The Promise, which feels embracing and all-forgiving, thus making this excerpt seem out of place in a website dedicated to The Promise.

As Lama Sing continues on with the words “In the beauty of this…” he begins to reveal the loving intent behind these words and an entirely different understanding begins to emerge.

The reading emphasizes that by maintaining faith and acknowledgement of our Creator as the foundation of who and what we are in life, we will be strengthened to meet and pass through daily challenges without becoming emotionally stuck to them.

Without this foundation the little things in life can be unsettling and can even influence our personality. Some challenges can change how we think and act and become false idols that we cling to. For example, if we allow earthly conditioning and advertising to emotionally motivate us into a state of being consumed by the desire for some “thing” or way of life, as the reading points out, we have allowed this to become a false idol that separates us from keeping our Creator first.

Why would you want to keep your Creator first in your life, in your thoughts and actions?

The wonder of keeping our Creator first is that it empowers us: The otherwise dominating thoughts are seen for what they truly are — transient gratifications. Realizing that we are eternal and that the Life Force within us is never-ending displaces these limiting temptations with feelings of peace and happiness that have no strings attached.

We can still pursue goals and achievements from the peaceful power and potential of placing the knowing of our Creator first within all that we are and do. And when all the trappings of Earthly life are gone, our faith in our Creator remains to easily carry us on beyond this World.