Posted Jan 22, ’16 – What about the “antichrist” and current conflict?


5Questions PageFXQuestion: So much has been spoken about Jesus/Christ returning. I understand the Christ consciousness and that this is an individual choice for each of us, but will Jesus/Christ come in the form of one man? And is there an “antichrist” as many of the prophesies speak? In particular can you tie this all in with the present turmoil in the Middle East? Thank you. Peace and love.

Lama Sing: When there are references to the anti-Christ­, it is – in the clearest sense – not a personage. Again: it is not a counterpoint to Jesus.

It is, rather, the collective merging of habit and intentions of many, many souls who have chosen a pathway (as we described earlier) that is of competition, of conflict. It is not to be adjudged in a sense as wrong; it is merely their choice.

But this is a force to be dealt with. You deal with it in the Earth in the form (as you described in your question) in the conflict in the Middle East, and elsewhere to be sure. But this has always been a factor in the presence of your historical recounting of history in the Earth.

There is always the balancing force. And the intent, ultimately, of the Children of God is to bring this into a state of harmony, not conflict. And that might be thought of as a prime purpose of the Promise’s coming.


[given Jan 21, ’16]