Posted Jan 22, ’16 – How will He “return”?


5Questions PageFXQuestion: You stated: This Promise, as it was given approximately 2,000 Earth years ago, is quite simply that: * in the manner as ye saw Him depart, so shall ye see Him return *.

Would you please give us an understanding of how He departed, in order to comprehend how He shall return? Perhaps through the reports of eyewitnesses and their perceptions, those that saw Him depart? Anything that is more conclusive than “he was lifted up into the heavens”? Thank you so much!

Lama Sing: Earlier in that day, they were gathered together, seated cross-legged in a circle as the Master spoke His last words encouraging them to go and await the coming of Spirit to be awakened within them all. (This is recounted.)

At the completion of that sharing, they arose, and the Master walked at the forefront to a bit of a summit, and turned to give them a last blessing and embraced each one.

Then turned and lifted His head just a bit to look into the heavens, and there was the appearance of that luminous mist that began to form very swiftly, swirling about, and it appeared as though the Master Himself was moving … difficult to distinguish whether He was indeed moving or the mist was lifting Him up, do you see. And eventually, there came the golden glow within the mist and the Disciples knew that this was the presence of God welcoming their Brother into His embrace.

In this manner may you see Him return: That there may be that of the loving neutrality of God, which is often described here and elsewhere as a luminous, beautiful white mist or cloud-like formation and that He may simply emerge from same, perhaps preceded again by a bit of the golden light within same. See?


[given Jan 21, ’16]