Posted Jan 22, ’16 – He Comes

Susan: Please tell us why is  Christ returning and when did He make this promise?

Lama Sing: In what might be called the beginning of the existence of what we call the realm of Earth as a form of expression in finiteness, there were those souls who carried the inner joy and light of God’s Word with them, celebrating it as their brothers and sisters were about creative works. These creative works became the definition that you experience in the present, or (we might say) a variation inherited from same.

In the process of this, there came those forces that began to seek to dominate. And this was not the original plan.

The domination was, in part, through competition and through the intent to understand the nature of such affairs. There was the appearance of many souls who came to bring about the sense of love and equality and this was met with force. That force caused The Upheaval, often referred to as the Atlantean times.

But before the upheaval, there was the entrance of one called Amelius. He was an expression of the spirit of the man called Jesus. In this form, He gathered many of His brothers and sisters and they sought to bring the light of peace and love. This was not accepted, and the upheaval that followed brought about the demise of that civilization (as it might be called). This was repeated a number of times and has been recounted by many others before us, including Edgar[1].

But in the experience of the many encounters of Jesus coming into the Earth to bring the understanding and the Light to those who were willing, this was His continuing effort, which is called the Promise: to bring peace and love to the Earth as an expression of God.

The Promise is the hopefulness of the Children of God who are not bound by finiteness, by limitation. And they remain waiting to serve, waiting to bring, with the Master, the beauty of the Promise into the Earth once again.

It is not a mandate. It is an offering.
And that offering is nearly upon you once again.
And, hence, the reference to: He comes.


[given Jan 21]

[1] Edgar Cayce, a spiritual philosopher and holistic healing pioneer, considered the best-documented psychic/trance channel of the twentieth century