Posted Jan 22, ’16 – Experiencing Contrast

Al: For about the first 13 years of being the channel for the Lama Sing works I would awaken from a reading not knowing what had been said. Then, as we began the series called the “Peter Chronicles” I suddenly found myself totally awake within the readings. I am sharing this here because it has to do with what Lama Sing has given in the current column.

In the readings we did that became the book titled “When Comes the Call” I experienced the contrast between those of the Children of God who were seeking to bring only love and light to the world versus those who had fallen into the trap of being competitive and seeking to dominate. The force of energy I experienced during those readings was remarkable. I would sometimes feel an after-effect for days after completing one of those readings.

I have come to realize that these forces are what is called mass-mind thought.

The force of mass-mind thought is within each of us, at least in part. And our contribution to that is in the form of habit or emotional conditioned response.

As we begin this new work of seeking to be one with The Promise, our choice should be to awaken this knowing within and to release old habits and familiar emotions and choose, rather, to be in a state of peace and joy. This will contribute positively to the mass-mind thought and can help us, exceptionally so, to free ourselves from a form of bondage. Not a bondage which is imposed by an individual or group but by the collective consciousness of habit as it is in place in the Earth today.