Posted Jan 12, ’16 – What Is the Christ Spirit

Lama Sing: It may be difficult for some to understand our usage of the words Christ Spirit.

In essence, this means the spirit of life itself that exists within all of the Children of God, all of you incarnated in the Earth. And this life spirit, which we call the Christ Spirit, is that which is coursing through all of existence. It is not something to be (quote) “claimed or not” (end quote). It is life itself. And that which you see about you, everything, is an expression of that energy, that creative force that flows continually from your Creator.

The Christ Spirit, as we refer to it, is the gifting of those Truths that flow from the man called Jesus and are associated with every single soul, for the same Spirit within He is within you.

The bringing this forth is a matter of choice, and as you do so you awaken.

This Awakening is a part of the Promise. It is, indeed, a part of the good work that is intended by those who journey with the Master and the Master Himself.

[given Jan 5, ’16]

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