Posted Jan 14, ’16 – Nurture Your Inner Guidance

Lama Sing: Each of you has the inner guidance. This thou knoweth.

As you make the space available to listen and to surround that space with your love of God, you will find clarity coming to you. And the moreso you do this, the greater shall be the clarity of the guidance and the surety as you measure this against the truth that you hold within.

Be thou oft, then, in joyful meditation and dwell in the Silence.

  • It will nourish you and lift you up.
  • It will replenish that which was a sorrow with a fullness of joy and peace.
  • It will wipe away concerns and doubts and rebuild these energies in the form of faith and trust.
  • But most of all, it will bring to you the Peace of God that you may bring into your very life and radiate to others.