Posted Jan 11, ’16 – The Promise

Al: When we first began to hear of these cycles in the readings it inspired me to try to recall them, to know them again. So I began a dedicated series of meditations and journeys (which are very similar to the readings themselves). I came to realize, with such experiential clarity that it brought tears to my eyes when I returned: God has always been. We have always been. There never has been a separateness. What they speak of so eloquently in this reading of our journeys and experiences within the potential of God’s Word, which is Consciousness, I know that that has not changed―we are still one with God, and all of Creation is a part of the Word He spoke in the Beginning “Let there be Light.”

Our Journey takes us wherever we choose and brings us into the interaction of other brothers and sisters and their choices. In one of these journeys I came to know the man called Jesus, and journeyed with Him for a time, thinking of him yet today as my dear Brother. In that time, He said that He would return to bring the offering of this same Knowing that I’ve tried to describe here―that we have always been and will ever be One―as an offering to all who are willing to receive it. That is what is meant by His Promise. And it is real.

I learned also that, within God’s spoken Word, there exists currents of Consciousness, waves of beautiful color and light that comprise His Word, and within all of this there are cycles and times (as we measure that) where these cycles converge, much in the manner as the oceans  might rise in a high tide. When they speak of the apex, this is what they are referring to. We are nearing the crest of  high tide of Consciousness. Within this is carried the Promise of our Brother to return.

You and I, today, are offered this gift of the magnificent confluence of Consciousness. We can choose it and enter by way of the Sacred Silence (for one) to truly set ourselves Free. Nothing will be lost by so doing, but everything will, once again, be offered to us: We will be given back, absolutely unconditionally, our right of choice as God’s eternal unlimited Children.