Posted Jan 09, ’16 – The Darkness and The Light

AL: As the readings often point to, before there was the Light there was only God. God embraced us within His cloak of living Darkness, which contained the sum of all potential. Our only experience was knowing our oneness with our Creator. There was no separateness.

And then He spoke the Word, “Let there be Light,” encouraging us to go forth to “know” our uniqueness.

Darkness. …
Curious isn’t it, how society has come to associate our original state of being with the words fear or evil?

For example, some children can’t go to sleep without a light on in their room because they have already been conditioned to fear the unknown nature of darkness. I wonder how much of that childhood illusion remains within them today and how it influences the thoughts and actions in our World.

When I close my eyes in preparing for a reading I see after-images, movement of colors and light. Only when these are replaced by what I call “God’s living Cloak of Darkness” do I begin my journey. Such thoughts and emotions, as I mentioned above, never, never, are present. Just this absoluteness of being surrounded by a Peace that surpasses all.

This Living Darkness knows me intimately and embraces me with unlimited love and profound peace. There is no judgement, no “finger-wagging” for something done or not done. I surrender myself in joyful wonder as I move deep into His Love. And, from this, the reading begins.

An important point to share, here, is that during the course of the reading I am taken into the Light and immediately realize that the Darkness and the Light are One, the same Source, the same Creator. This is the Love of God offering us the contrast to Know the wonder of the uniqueness of our being and the majestic power of creation that He has given to us.