Posted Jan 10, ’16 – The Sacred Silence: Pathway to Freedom

AL: In my meditations I seek what I have come to call “The Sacred Silence.” This is not a title I have chosen lightly, for it took many times of experiencing this state of being to truly realize its potential, its magnificence.

Within my first encounters I was deeply moved by the presence of a vast Silence, beyond anything I could recall. It had the effect of calming and renewing me. Each time, I emerged from such encounters feeling purified and more conscious of life itself. Continued meditations seemed to encourage me to release limitations, to free myself from habits, and to actually choose to surrender all that I am within this magnificent Silence.

This was followed by a Peace that was also beyond anything I had known before. It seemed to be actually flowing from somewhere within an unknown center within me. I quickly realized that this Peace remained with me for prolonged periods of time after my meditation. It was becoming a part of the life force within me. I cherished its presence more and more.

This was more than enough motivation for me to seek the Sacred Silence and the Peace that follows more and more frequently. Again, I felt that I had reached an ultimate state of Knowing and Being.

What happened next I am still awakening to. The precious Peace was opening, shifting to become a Love without limit. I was smitten with the majesty of its absolute acceptance of me, no hesitations, no judgements, just a flow of unlimited Love.

In time, I came to know this to be the God within me. It is His cleansing Silence, His all pervading Peace, and His no-strings-attached Love of me.

This continues to reveal many Truths that are within, and I realized that what I was being given included the Authority of God. Now, as in the beginning, there is no separateness between us unless I allow it to be these. It is my choice.

I am being shown true Freedom and a growing understanding of my Authority to choose. I realize now that nothing is beyond this potential when I allow His presence within to be who I am―truly a Child of God.