Posted Jan 11, ’16 – In the Several Years Ahead

Lama Sing: Before there was the movement of the spheres, and the measurement called time, and that called space or dimension, there was the vastness of the Sacred Silence. This vastness was and is eternal, unending, ever unfolding―and it is God.

In the moment of your recognition by He as a beautiful, unique aspect―that He so loved into creation―all souls were equally brought forth. And then, as Father spoke the Word, Consciousness awakened and movement began, and you and your brethren, according to God’s Word, journeyed forth to know yourselves.

Many activities were sought out, many experiences were had, and much of the measurement of time has passed, and now you stand before an apex: the coming together of cycles of energy that are the beautiful gifts of God that are coming together for a celebration. And that celebration is in accordance with that called The Promise. This Promise, as it was given approximately 2,000 Earth years ago, is quite simply that: * in the manner as ye saw Him depart, so shall ye see Him return *.

But in humbleness we share with you that in the beginning of these activities, let there be the realization that each one has the beautiful right of choice, God’s greatest gift of Free Will. In the exercising of this choice or choices, there is the opportunity for you to choose to be a part of the opening of the Way, making the Way passable, that the Promise can, indeed, manifest into the finiteness of the realm called Earth, and to be sure, many others. It is not a mandate, nor is it something that is expected to be once-and-only offered; it is rather, as one might call it, the undulation of the Love of God in its many forms and unique expressions, coming together in the dance called life.

And in this point, as you measure it, there are several Earth years ahead wherein the opportunity of change is profound. It is to be anticipated that this change is likely to have ramifications in many diverse ways, and while there might be the first thought that these might be in the outer, physical changes and all that sort, we do not deny this. But rather, the emphasis here is placed upon the greatest change of all: and that is the claiming of your beautiful Uniqueness and the presence of God’s Light in the form of your life within.

[given Jan 5, ’16]