Posted Jan 10, ’16 – A Far Greater Freedom Lies Beyond

Lama Sing: Many have gone before and have spoken about how you might know yourself, and how you might claim, and much more than this. And while we honor all of these good workers in God’s Name, we point to this: You are the master of your life, of your spirit, and all that this embraces. The mastery of this is not in the form of denial of all else but in the claiming of what is within You.

As we spoke above of the Sacred Silence, that thought of You in the moment of your creation―your Awakening as a unique aspect of God―the Sacred Silence remains as God’s gift within you, and therein can you find Him, and as well, the pathway unto the Awakening of your own soul’s beauty and potential.

You might begin this by realizing that many of the things that you believe that you are have been accumulated through this journey and others in a realm and a lifetime therein called Earth. These we’d not cast aside, nor would there be a struggle against these, but only the simple recognition. And as you recognize them, then the power of your choice may be brought to the forefront; you can honor them and bless them, thanking them for their service to you in bringing you to where you are, not adjudging them by the nature of the Earth as good or bad, but simply as experiences that have broadened your knowing, have awakened your consciousness and given to you many, many more blessings.

But in that moment of discovery, you can choose to set them free, and as you do, you will realize they are naught but energies, held in the consciousness of mind and emotion. And as you choose to set them free, the literal movement of the energies of those are, in fact, free.

There is, beyond the Earth and definition in the form of finiteness, a far greater Freedom.

And we’ll speak on this much more in times ahead, but for now, think on this. Give yourself the gift of pausing, that you might look for and find the beauty of the Silence within you and the knowing of your uniqueness and the Love of God that gives it life.

We thank you. It has been an honor to be with you and we shall return. The Grace of God go before you.


[given Jan 5, ’16]