Posted Jan 10, ’16 – A Freedom I Hadn’t Remembered

Al: Over the years, I have accumulated (as has everyone) experiences, memories, emotions, but I’ve also been fortunate to experience these from a much higher perspective in doing the Lama Sing readings.

Over the decades of doing these readings, I began the process of Seeing all the Earthly things for what they are, and I realized I was experiencing a Freedom I hadn’t remembered in this lifetime previously. This opened an inner urging to seek beyond, higher and higher. And as I did, it was’t as though I abolished those things of this lifetime or that which I call my “Friend” (my finite, physical representation in the Earth), but rather, from this perspective in realms beyond, in Consciousness, a deep respect and appreciation for them came. And it gave me the Understanding that separateness of body and spirit is, itself, a profound illusion. And this Understanding is what is perpetuating this Freedom I am experiencing. Through the practice of seeking the Sacred Silence through my Friend, in conjunction with doing the readings, my Friend and Spirit have begun the process of being one.

All of this was made possible, I believe, through the discovery and claiming and practice of the Sacred Silence within.

Now, today, I have a pathway that my Friend can use as he wishes to reach me, my Spirit, which is eternally one with God, and the fullness of God’s intent of my Uniqueness is beginning to manifest in the Earth, as you would visualize a flower bud opening its petals. With the Knowing I have gained, I live in a Consciousness of inner peace and joy, feeling the Presence of God in all things. And as I look upon the Earth or walk upon it, and call forth the the Sacred Silence, everything speaks to me, and I know it is God speaking through the native life-forces that embrace us all on our beautiful Earth.